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Kanawha Glass Company - 1965 Catalog

Part of the reason for publishing this website about Kanawha Glass Co. was the lack of reference material about the company.  It is fairly easy to find basic information about when and how they formed, generalities about what they sold, and how they closed.  None of the literature touches the economic and/or emotional turmoil which must have resulted.

Old catalogs are sometimes available on Ebay and give the complete range of products for a particular year.  We were fortunate to buy an original 1965 catalog and have published it below.  According to the catalog, this was the first one they did in color.  This is very helpful when trying to buy on Ebay since the products of many companies tend to look much the same.  That is hardly surprising since the same people often owned or worked for a variety of companies and they all kept track of what sold well.

For an enlarged picture of any of the pages shown below, just click the thumbnail.  Because of their size it may take a few seconds for the full size picture to load; even with a cable modem or DSL connection.

1965 Kanawha Glass Co. Catalog

If you click on the picture, and then click it again, a full size picture will open in a new window.