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Colored Glass from Kanawha Glass Co.

Transparent colored glass items were made in molds, for the most part.  Some molds were smooth-walled and some were very patterned.  Most Kanawha glass items have thicker walls than some of the other WV glass manufacturers' items that were not made in molds.  Typical Kanawha glass items will have a molded, smooth base without a pontil. 

The header image at the top of the page provides a good idea of the range of colors they used. 

"Colored Glass" is sort of a "catch all" term for all the glass they made which doesn't fall into a more specific category.  In keeping with the idea, the list of Ebay auctions below is the result of a seach for "Kanawha Glass" with no other modifiers.  This returns the broadest result set possible, but is the least specific.