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Kanawha Glass Company started when the Dunbar Glass company folded in 1953 and some of the craftsmen formed the new business.  They came into their own by 1960 and made upwards of 350 different items in in seven colors.  In 1969 they added Hamon Glass to their line.  Production stopped in 1987 when they were acquired by Dereume Glass, which closed in 1989.

This pattern of success, failure, success under new management, failure, success seems to define the lives of all these American Art Glass companies.  I have not seen much written about it, but the life cycle of Kanawha would fit the expected career life of a few key artists and/or employees.  10 years seems about right to learn the business, develop skills, and accumulate capital.  After thirty years in business, health issues, boredom, and/or a changing market would mean the business was ready to sell or close. 

I think if someone researches these companies in detail they will find the life the of company often matches the life a one or two key people. 

Our emphasis on this site is to document the products as best we can with pictures and descriptions.  We have also embedded search strings so many pages will list current Kanawha Glass items for sale on Ebay with irrelevant listings filtered out.